Is it a Good Idea to Microwave a Watch?

The short answer: no. The long answer: Meh… If the watch is old, you don’t like it anymore, and it brings back painful memories of your ex-girlfriend who gave you the watch for your birthday last year but then dumped you for some jerk with a job and a car and who didn’t use her […]

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What are the Advantage of a Ceramic Watch

The use of ceramic for manufacturing household objects dates back to 24,000 BC.  Archeologists have excavated animal and human figurines made of ceramic from around this time.  Later, around 10,000 BC ceramics were employed in pottery making for both ceremonial and practical uses.  The Egyptian discovery of the glaze approximately two thousand years later further […]

Jomashop is Shopper Approved

Jomashop has been in the retail and wholesale business of a variety of luxury goods ranging between watches, writing instruments, accessories and crystals since 1987. Jomashop offers competitive pricing and a vast selection of beautiful products, mainly watches — which are our specialty. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. Our goal is to […]

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Patch,The Eco-Friendly Watch

Recognized as the world’s first biodegradable watch, the Patch Watch by Geneva-based watchmaker Altanus is an eco-friendly timepiece. This digital watch is anything but disposable; don’t let its weight and composition fool you. Inspired by the paper-mache floats at a festival in Tuscany, this watch is made of, you guessed it — paper, and weighs […]

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Timelessly Omega

There’s something missing from the world today. We’ve all turned into casual, anything goes, flip-flops to work, latte and Big Mac types of people. Where’s the class? Where’s the style? I’m not one to blame, though. As we speak (write, actually, or in your case, read), I’m actually sitting at work in whitey tighties with […]

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Women in Watchmaking – Carole Forestier-Kasapi

In a male-dominated world such as ours, we have plenty of good men to thank for their contributions in the various fields of study that have made cultural, scientific and technological advancement possible. Let’s not forget the men in the world of horology who have pushed past the limits and created ground-breaking, technological works of […]

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George Daniels – The Greatest Watchmaker Since Breguet

Being called “The Greatest” of anything denotes a great honor and it is essential that whomever this title is bestowed upon, live up to the heftiness of its name. In the world of horology, watchmaker George Daniels has been considered “The greatest watchmaker since Abraham Louis Breguet”. In the practice of Horology, to be considered […]

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Omega – A Presidential Watch

It seems accurate to say that great historical figures have worn watches crafted by some of the best watchmakers around. It may be a bit of a stretch to say so, but Alexander the Great probably owned the best sundial of his time. Putting all jokes aside, here we have a commemorative limited-edition timepiece that […]

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The Galaxy Gear by Samsung

In an era of technological abundance, Samsung has not failed to wow consumers with its newest product — the Galaxy Gear. It is a wristwatch that can preform some of the same functions as a smartphone. One of its many handy features is a 1.9 megapixel camera that is conveniently placed on the strap, which […]

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The Most Exotic Watch Out of this World

 The RM-018 Tourbillion wristwatch designed by the limitless Richard Mille and world renown jewelry maker Boucheron, is a watch best described as “Out of this World”. Encased in 18kt White Gold, it features gears made of chondrite meteorite from an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. The most valuable parts of this watch being the […]